Coffee Fundraiser

Maya Vinic direct trade coffee, half pound bags.  $11 each, medium or dark roast

Maya Vinic direct trade coffee, half pound bags. $11 each, medium or dark roast

The Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity (GRCGED) is a student funded, collectively run resource centre, a feminist group dedicated to fighting oppression and promoting diversity through education, advocacy, activism, resource provision, skill building, outreach and community-building on campus and in the region. We advocate for and organize in favour of a feminist, Trans*-inclusive, racially diverse, accessible and empowered world operating with a deep regard and respect for transformative justice. This year GRCGED is excited to host The EveryBody Conference and we are pleased to extend an invitation to you to participate and support it.

The EveryBody Conference is a convergence of voices building towards a community in which we can address systemic barriers that prevent us from having autonomy over what happens to our bodies, while also exploring grassroots movements that are working to reclaim that power. This is a coming together of diverse voices where we are cultivating a culture of care with and for each other.

This year’s conference theme is “Bodies, Identities & Radical Wellness in a Digital Time”. The conference’s main purpose is to provide an interdisciplinary space for groups and individuals, academics, activists and community members, who are interested in exploring the intersectionality of body politics, gender, diversity, race, accessibility, ethnicity, sexuality, class, activism and power dynamics in a world increasingly connected by media. We are especially interested in work that engages feminist viewpoints, anti-oppressive, critical, progressive and provocative conceptual and practical approaches.

GRCGED is selling organic coffee in partnership with the “Cafeedzin Project” from Chiapas, Mexico. Buy an $11 half-pound bag of “Maya Vinic” cooperative’s medium and/or dark roast coffee and help us make the conference happen while simultaneously supporting the Cafeedzin’s project. Cafeedzin’s mission is to bring economic inclusion to small-scale producers and create entrepreneurial opportunities for women and youth in rural areas in developing countries through the creation of an investment fund. Learn more about GRCGED & The Cafeedzin Project:

coffee poster april 29


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